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Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing are customised for each of our Higher Education clientele based on Needs Analysis. 

A rough guide to pricing takes into consideration the following baseline prices (excluding taxes/levies).

Learning Management Systems

  • Base Plan: Rs. 1200 per student per academic year
  • Full Featured Plan: Rs. 1900 per student per academic year
  • Advanced Plan: Rs. 2500 per student per academic year

as 9.png

Cloudintegral Applications

  • Tier ONE Applications: 5 Rupees per CPU Hour
  • Tier TWO Applications: 15 Rupees per CPU Hour
  • Tier THREE Applications: 25 20 (Discount) Rupees per CPU Hour

Pricing subject to change

All prices are quoted in Indian Rupees for Organisations in India. However, these prices are mapped to US Dollars and Euro as per our upstream Vendor pricing and are subject to change based on foreign currency rates. 

We bill Institutions in advance before the start of the financial year, one week from the date of admission of students. The pricing might change if the students directly pay us through our payment gateway partners. 

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How to Order?

  1. Our services and offerings are generally ordered after one-on-one consultation with our sales team. 
  2. To initiate the process, please register your interest through our Customer Success Portal or by simply writing to us at - our staff will get in touch with you right away and help you through the order process by generating a proposal on our customer success portal. 
  3. Once the proposal is accepted with or without modifications, it is converted into a quotation and contract. A quote can be approved and the terms accepted digitally online. 
  4. Services, Servers and Support Systems are activated and provisioned on approval of the Quote which progresses into an Invoice to be paid within 15 days of the issue date. 
  5. On payment of the Invoice, the Onboarding team will assist you with the creation of administrative accounts, access and credentials followed by training of users through hands-on live workshops to get your organisation up and running with the services.